Nathan Hoskins - Motivational Speaker

An unforgettable story of how even the most shattered heart can survive.


Surviving intense childhood abuse, his own self hate, and the burdens unique to his situation, Nathan tells the story of his past including coming out to his Wife, family, friends and inspires others to learn self acceptance, forgiveness and love. 

As a community leader and advocate, Nathan's inspirational message also exphasizes the importance of integrity and being an ambassador of peace to the community.  He tributes his happiness and success to his ability to overcome his family's brutality and abandonment by embracing even the smallest wondrous acts of love and acceptance from unexpected people. 


Public Speaking | Corporate, Non-profits

LGBT Advocacy| KY+ surrounding states

Life Coach| Via Phone or Email

"Coming Out" Support| Free to all


Peace, Love and Pride; an unforgettable story....

Peace, Love and Pride